The most common heating pipes are pex pipe and pert pipes. How to choose?

May. 11, 2021
First of all, depending on the purpose, floor heating,pex pipe and pert pipes, both are ok.
First analyze the characteristics of the two:
pex tube:
Higher heat resistance
Pressure resistance and strength are also higher
So more durable

pert tube:
Softer, written language called "good flexibility"
Good thermal conductivity
Has hot-melt properties. This is explained in this way, if there is a small hole in the pipe, burn it with a fire, wow, if it is fused, it is hot melt.
The price is cheaper than pex

Because floor heating is a low-temperature heating system, the heat resistance of pert can fully meet the temperature of floor heating, so both types of pipes are available. We actually prefer pert pipes because it is more affordable. At the same time, the thermal conductivity is good, it is easier to transfer heat to the heat storage layer of the floor heating, and it will save gas when used for a long time.
pex pipe