The problems of gas pipes and advantages of multilayer pipe for gas

Aug. 13, 2021
General gas pipe problems
Easy to age
Failure to detect the aging of the rubber in time also leads to air leakage. According to Li Xun, in January this year, a user in the Canglong New Town Community reported that there was a gas leak at his home. He came to see that there was a crack in the curved section of the rubber tube. If it is opened, if the window is closed tightly at night, gas leakage is very dangerous."

Easy to fall off
Some users have a weak sense of safety, and use rubber hoses to directly put them on without using a tube clamp. Sometimes they fall off without knowing that they cause air leakage at home.

Mice love to bite
Rats are rodents. They grow 13 mm teeth every year and need to gnaw hard objects every day to grind their teeth. The latest report shows that mice like to bite corner seams and objects with peculiar smell, such as grease, food, candles, rubber, plastics, etc. Therefore, the hard and slightly flexible hose is the best for mice. "teething stick".

Short service life
The service life of the rubber hose is 18 months. Gas appliances that are used overdue will have serious safety hazards.

Easy to harden in winter
As the temperature drops, the rubber tube becomes harder and more likely to crack and fall off. At the same time, because the doors and windows are closed tightly in winter, the indoor ventilation has also deteriorated. Once the natural gas leaks, it is easy to cause gas accumulation and explosion.
Advantages of multi-layer gas pipe
Anti-aging. Rubber will become brittle, hardened, cracked, fractured and other aging phenomena under natural conditions, but multi-layer gas pipes will not.

High temperature resistance. The rubber hose is not resistant to high temperature, it will soften and catch fire under the flame. Multi-layer gas pipes can withstand high temperatures, and flame roasting will only affect the PVC protective layer that is covered on the outside.

Anti-rat bite. The rubber hose is not resistant to rat bites, but the teeth of ordinary animals can’t help with multilayer gas pipes.
Anti-dropping. The rubber hose will not fall off naturally after the clamp is installed, but the safety cannot be guaranteed under accidental conditions such as aging shrinkage, external force pulling, etc. Multi-layer gas pipes are generally connected by threaded threads, which can withstand the pulling of an adult and prevent accidental falling off.

preservative. Rubber hose is an organic material and is not resistant to oil, while the multilayer gas pipe is made of austenitic stainless steel, which can be dealt with with common corrosive liquids, and the coated PVC protective layer also has a certain anti-corrosion effect.

long life. The service life of the rubber hose is 18 months, that is, one and a half years, while the service life of the multi-layer gas pipe is 8 years, which is cheaper in a comprehensive calculation.
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