Three Advantages of Using PEX Tubing

Jan. 30, 2021
Every homeowner wants plumbing that will provide clean water with efficient water pressure. If you’ve ever thought of building your own home, you’ll want to consider the different options available for your plumbing. There is a wide range of materials available, including copper, galvanized, steel, and CPVC pipe. PEX or cross-linked polyethylene, piping is a modern plumbing technique for water lines in a home.

PEX tubing has three main advantages when used in your home: durability, reduced number of joints, and the ability to expand when frozen.

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1. Durability of PEX piping
Before plumbing is installed in your home, work-site mishaps or shipping can damage your pipes. When working with copper and CPVC, invisible cracks or imperfections can lead to structural failure. All it takes is a drop, a dent, or an accidental misplacement of weight on the work-site.
With PEX piping, its flexibility and malleability keep it from incurring damage like other plumbing materials. This means that when your pex plumbing is installed, you don’t have to worry about failure from unnoticed imperfections. And any kind of plumbing failure, no matter how small, is something that no one wants to deal with.

2. Reduced Number of Plumbing Joints
PEX piping is bendable and thus requires fewer joints to properly fit into each area of your home. This offers a more sound plumbing set up with improved longevity. Unlike other materials that need hundreds of fittings to put them together, PEX can be run with a minimum number of joints.
What exactly does that mean for your home’s plumbing? Well, the more joints you have in your plumbing, the higher the likelihood that one of them will fail. A failure could lead to leaks, corrosion on metal materials in walls, and costly water damage.

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3. PEX tubes Can Freeze Without Damage
Texas has unpredictable weather. In areas that are subject to freezing temperatures, PEX piping is ideal due to its resiliency. PEX can expand if the water inside it freezes and then return to its original size after it thaws. Other materials such as copper and CPVC will crack and burst once the water inside them freezes.
Busted pipes can be a huge mess for your family to deal with in bitterly cold weather. Many times freezing issues happen during the holiday season, adding even more stress. By using PEX piping, you can avoid your pipes freezing and the mess that creates.

So PEX  piping is another way we look out for your family and the home you will live in. We want your home to be built for generations.

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