underfloor heating system, how much do you know

Sep. 13, 2021
Floor heating is the abbreviation of radiant floor heating. It is called Radiant FloorHeating in English. It uses the entire ground as a radiator. The heat medium in the floor radiant layer uniformly heats the entire ground, using the ground’s own heat storage and the law of heat radiation upward from bottom to top. Conduct conduction to achieve the purpose of heating.
The low-temperature ground heating medium forms a gradually decreasing temperature gradient from the bottom of the feet to the head in the room, thereby giving people a comfortable feeling of warming the feet and cooling the head. Ground radiant heating conforms to the fitness theory of "Warm feet and keep cool" in traditional Chinese medicine. It is currently the most comfortable heating method and a symbol of modern life quality.
From the heat medium, it is divided into two categories: water floor heating and electric floor heating. From the pavement structure, it is divided into two types: wet floor heating and dry floor heating. The materials are divided into floor-type floor heating and floor tile-type floor heating;
1. Health care
Professionals write an article that “heat starts from the feet, warms the feet and cools down”, which conforms to the TCM theory of human health. It improves the human blood circulation, promotes metabolism, treats rheumatism, keeps the human body energetic, helps sleep, and improves skin moisture. , It has a good promoting effect in skin care. Especially for the elderly, children, office workers and other people, it has a very good "care" effect.
2. Floor heating for the elderly
Old cold legs, rheumatism and other diseases are common among the elderly in our country. A good floor heating system can alleviate these problems. Moreover, the elderly generally have poor resistance, and the advantages of floor heating, such as health preservation, health care, cleanliness, and no noise, can make the elderly feel comfortable in body and mind, thereby avoiding the occurrence of diseases.
3. Floor heating for infants and young children
Like the elderly, infants and children belong to the frail people. However, infants and young children are lively and active, and they are afraid of the cold. Especially infants and young children prefer to crawl on the ground. At this time, underfloor heating provides a good environment for them, which can make the baby get the ideal temperature in winter. , And because the floor heating can keep the ground dry and not produce harmful bacteria, it plays a role in protecting the health of the baby.
4. Floor heating for office workers
Office workers sitting in the office all day, generally have poor blood circulation in the lower limbs, which can easily lead to venous thrombosis and other diseases in the long run. On the other hand, underfloor heating can heat the feet, thus promoting blood return and helping blood circulation.
5. Functional benefits
Floor heating is a mature technology that has excellent performance in energy saving, comfort, thermal stability, temperature control, space saving, sanitation, and heat source diversity.
6. Good energy saving
The floor heating only uses 35~50℃ water temperature, which can save 10% of the system energy consumption.
7. Good comfort
Floor heating uses the entire ground to dissipate heat evenly upwards, which is not only healthy and healthy, but also very comfortable.
8. Good hygiene
Because the floor heating is evenly dissipated, it can avoid dust, and the resulting respiratory infection and spread; in addition, the lower room temperature reduces the evaporation of indoor air moisture, making the indoor air quality better.
9. Good thermal stability
Due to the good thermal stability of the ground layer and the concrete layer, after the ground heat storage, the user basically does not feel the indoor temperature change, and the body feels very natural.
10. Does not occupy the use area
Because the floor heating is installed "underground", it does not occupy other indoor space, and it is also convenient for decoration and furniture layout.
11Reduce floor noise
At present, prefabricated or cast-in-place slabs are generally used in domestic partition floors, which have poor sound insulation effect, and people walking upstairs affect the downstairs. The floor heating pavement adds an insulation layer, which has a very good sound insulation effect.
12. Temperature can be controlled
At present, floor heating is equipped with intelligent temperature control, which can set the heating temperature, and can also perform temperature control programming. The temperature controller can be used to switch or adjust the temperature of each room.
13. A wide range of heat sources
The heat sources of floor heating are very diverse. Air source heat pumps, wall-hung boilers, central heating, electric heating films, etc. can all be used as heat sources.
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