What are air con pipe fitting?

Jun. 29, 2021
The difference between stainless steel pipe and copper pipe in the air con pipe fittings industry:
The working principle of the air conditioner is to use Freon refrigerant, which releases a large amount of heat when it changes from gas to liquid; when it changes from liquid to gas, it absorbs a large amount of heat; so as to achieve the effect of cooling or heating.
The most important part of the connecting heat exchanger through which the refrigerant flows in the air conditioner is the "refrigerant tube". The refrigerant tube is a pressure-bearing component, and its burst pressure should be more than 5 times the operating pressure, or more than 3 times the maximum possible pressure.
In the past, air-conditioning refrigerant pipes were basically made of copper, but due to the poor abrasion resistance of copper-based refrigerant pipes, thick pipes had to be made, but thick pipes reduced the heat transfer coefficient of the air conditioner. In addition, the inner wall of the copper pipe is rough and easy to scale. In addition, the copper pipe will generate a thick oxide layer over time, which further reduces the heat transfer coefficient; this is why the cooling effect of the air conditioner is getting worse and worse.
Up-and-coming star-the emergence of stainless steel pipes, breaking the situation that the air-conditioning industry is "non-copper"! This is the use of a special 304 stainless steel, coupled with advanced welding technology, the stainless steel tube produced is corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, vibration-resistant, high and low temperature resistant, and has super compressive performance and magnesium chloride stress corrosion resistance. All the performances have been specially tested before the development of a substitute for the copper tube.
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