What are the main points of pvc pipe installation and construction?

Dec. 18, 2020
In order to ensure a better use environment for PVC pipes, PVC pipe manufacturers can avoid external loading and achieve the expected service life, so the pipes are arranged and laid reasonably. In order to ensure the scientific rationality of the installation, the installation design principles must be followed when installing the PVC pipe.

1. The pipeline is generally suitable for open installation. In places where the pipeline may be collided, it is more suitable to conceal or take protective measures. The exposed water pipe is more suitable to be arranged on the wall, corner or column near the sanitary appliance or equipment with large water volume. PVC water supply pipes cannot pass through bedrooms, storage rooms, flue ducts and air ducts.

2. Lay the water supply pipe in a place exposed to sunlight outdoors. At this time, light materials should be used for heat insulation. When the pipeline is darkly applied, it is strictly forbidden to touch organic chemicals such as waterproof paint to avoid affecting the water quality and damaging the pipeline. When the pipeline passes through the roof and basement, metal waterproof flexible casing and effective waterproof measures should be set up.

pvc pipe

3. When PVC water supply pipes are laid in parallel with other pipes in the same ditch (rack), they are suitable for laying along the side of the ditch (rack), and when laid up and down in parallel, they cannot be laid on the hot water pipe or steam pipe, and the plane position Should be staggered; when laying across other pipelines, protective measures or metal casings should be used.

4. The PVC water supply pipeline should be far away from the heat source. The net distance between the standpipe and the stove side should not be less than 400mm, and the net distance from the heating pipeline should not be less than 200mm, and the outer wall temperature of the pipe should not be higher than 40℃ due to the heat source radiation. The installation of PVC pipes does not follow the steps blindly. In order to ensure the long-term use of PVC pipes and reduce the occurrence of failures, all pvc pipe manufacturers need a certain design when installing. The design of the above principles is summarized because of these factors.