What is the installation method of Pvc pipe?

Nov. 15, 2020
The installation of PVC pipes is not only simple and convenient, but also very time-saving. The installation of PVC pipes is mainly fixed by glue, apply glue on the place where installation is needed, and then fix it. But don't look at its simple installation and ignore it. In many cases, we do not pay attention to details and cause some defects in the installation process. So how should pvc pipe be installed? The following briefly introduces its installation method.

1. The first is to cut. The sizes of PVC pipes are all different, divided into large-diameter pipes and small-diameter pipes. Pipes with small diameters are easy to cut, and can be cut with only the scissors for cutting pipes. However, large-diameter pipes cannot be cut with scissors. We need to use a cutting machine to cut, and we must pay attention to cutting vertically when cutting, so that we can save it when a mistake occurs.

2. Since the PVC pipe is made of plastic, it is easy to have some burrs on the cutting surface after cutting. The presence of these burrs will affect the subsequent installation, so after cutting, these burrs should be cleaned and polished to be smooth.

pvc pipe

3. Pay attention to the surface of the pvc pipe, keep the surface of the pipe clean and tidy, and avoid impurities such as dust. If the surface of the pipe is not clean, after applying the glue, it is easy to affect the stability of the glue, which is likely to be unable to fix the pipe.

4. Mark the marking line and note the position of the marking line.

5. When choosing glue, be sure to choose the right glue. And when applying it, it must be applied in accordance with the regulations. The amount of application must be controlled, not too much or too little, and the right amount is the most appropriate. If you do not follow the regulations, it is easy to cause some serious consequences.

6. Finally, it is fixed. After fixing with glue, place it in a ventilated place to dry, and finish fixing when the glue dries.
pvc pipe