Wholesale transportation and maintenance of pvc pipe fittings.

Jan. 19, 2021
When transporting PVC pipes and fittings wholesale, try not to be scratched or hit violently. When storing PVC pipes and fittings, keep them away from heat sources, avoid deformation due to high temperature, and keep away from oil and chemical pollution. It is best to choose a flat and ventilated warehouse on the ground. If it is stored outdoors, it should be hidden by hiding it. Moreover, the pipes must be stacked in a horizontal and regular manner, and the height of the stack must be limited, so that the stack should not be too high.

pvc pipe

Also, when loading and unloading PVC pipe fittings, you must be careful, the arrangement should be regular, instead of throwing or dragging along the ground, you must use non-metallic ropes for hoisting to avoid damage to the outer layer of the PVC pipe fittings. Connection: wipe the pipe sleeve and pipe sleeve clean before welding; then measure the depth of the socket and mark the position of the pipe port; then apply the adhesive, first paint the socket, and apply an even and appropriate amount; then align the direction and insert Scribe the part once, rotate 1/4 circle; wipe the glue residue at the socket; finally, the bridged pipe is left standing until the interface is solidified.

The safe use of adhesives: Adhesives and cleaning agents should be used after opening, and non-workers are not allowed to use them. There should be no open flame at the junction, and good ventilation should be maintained. -10° is not suitable for construction, the bonding point cannot be baked with fire, and the construction personnel must wear gloves. If the adhesive gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.