Witness Every Glorious Moment at the Beijing Winter Olympic Village!

Mar. 21, 2022
Recently, an eye-catching closing ceremony brought an end to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. During the Olympics, the Beijing Olympic Village offered versatile facilities for athletes, leaving a profound impression on each participant. RIFENG was proud to join in on the construction of this village. About 80% of the piping products in the village are from RIFENG, including RIFENG PVC Plumbing System, PVC Drainage System, Conduit Piping System, and Underfloor Heating System.

The building materials selection for the Olympic Village is quite exacting. Not only rigorous quality control but also whether the piping products are environmentally friendly enough and in line with long-term benefits are taken into consideration.

RIFENG PP-R Pipe for use in this project has excellent performance, effectively reducing the risk of leakage. Its outstanding high temperature and pressure tolerance makes it last longer for hot and cold-water supply. In addition, the smooth inner wall of the pipes can decrease the possibility of scale and prevent secondary pollution, guaranteeing safe drinking potable water for each athlete.


As for RIFENG Underfloor Heating System, its low-temperature resistance, high-pressure tolerance, and high flexibility create a warm, safe and healthy environment for all participants.

RIFENG PVC Drainage Pipes were also used for this great project with their high impact resistance and ultra-fast drainage performance. The PVC Reinforced Spiral Pipe makes the water form a swirl when draining. This significantly reduces the impact of the water and the drainage noise. RIFENG strives to allow all athletes to live more comfortably in a room with noise reduction.

We’re sure that we have the powerful ability to support major projects around the world with the finest raw materials, high-quality products, and advancing technology. RIFENG will keep staying true to its craftsmanship, delivering satisfactory results for each project.
Beijing Winter Olympic Village