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Aug. 02, 2022


Anywhere from sewage systems to agricultural irrigation uses PVC drainage pipes. They are among the most adaptable forms of plastic pipes and offer a variety of advantages, including ease of installation, low cost, and light weight and portability for transportation.
Here are some basic PVC drainage pipe information to help you choose drainage pipes for your project.

About PVC Drainage Pipe

Arguably one of the most universal and versatile types of plastic piping, PVC pipes have been in use for over 80 years, servicing a multitude of applications in various market sectors around the world.


What are drainage pipes made of

PVC drainage pipes is made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride resins and imported processing additives. Most drainage pipes used every day are produced of PVC, which has the advantages such as high impact resistance, low noise, and a smooth inner wall.

What is pvc drainage pipe

PVC pipes are used in a wide variety of piping applications, from transportation of drinking water over drainage solutions to advanced fire-sprinkler systems. RIFENG PVC Drainage Pipe features the advantages of high impact resistance, low noise, and smooth inner wall. It is widely used for high-rise building drainage. In addition, it is certified by famous Standards Certification Organizations like CE for its reliability and safety.

Types of PVC Drainage Pipe

The types of home drain pipes that are most typically seen today are either made of copper or the plastics polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Other types of drain pipes are sometimes encountered in pre-1960 homes, such as drain/waste/vent (DWV) piping made of iron or steel.

However, the RIFENG PVC Drainage System is divided into two series, PVC Solid Pipes and PVC Helix Pipes, which better satisfy the demands of various applications. The pipes, that have obtained certification from EPD and CE, are secure and safe, and they are frequently used in residential, commercial, and infrastructure structures.

Blast Past Fast: RIFENG Ultrafast Drainage Solution

The PVC Solid Pipes have a very smooth inner wall design and very minimal flow resistance. In contrast to standard iron pipes of the same diameter, the Pipes can increase drainage speed by 30%.

Additionally, because they were constructed using premium polyvinyl chloride resins and strong processing additives, the pipes have exceptional flexibility and good impact resistance. Press tests done by RIFENG Lab show that even after being squeezed by more than 40%, the pipes do not crack. Furthermore, the pipes have high flame resistance. Which means that even if the piping is burned, the flames will extinguish on their own within 30 seconds.

Rule the Quiet: RIFENG Silent Drainage Solution

The drainage noise can be really embarrassing some times. RIFENG developed "Silencing Drainage Solution" to resolve this concern. 

Helix Pipe and Strengthen Helix Pipe are the two pipes created for this solution. The Helix Pipe's helical inner wall allows water to flow along the helix structure, reducing the likelihood of air and water collisions. It provides outstanding noise isolating in drainage as a result.

Strengthen Helix Pipe has a helical inner wall, a honeycomb-shaped hollow design, with two PVC protecting layers. The hollow honeycomb design can increase rigidity and noise isolation. Overall, the pipe can silence the discharging noise by 10-15 dB, which is an incomparable performance.

Advantages of pvc pipes for drainage system

  • Light weight and convenient to transport.
  • Low coefficient of roughness and smooth walls for a faster downstream.
  • No need for special installation tools, ease and security of installation.
  • Excellent physical and chemical properties ensure better tensile strength and durability.
  • Outstanding water-tightness performance with high-quality adhesive.
  • Environmental protection and safety, recognized by EPD
PVC is a low carbon plastic, meaning it requires less energy and fewer resources to manufacture. Because they are so light, less energy is used in their transport. PVC pipes’ smooth surface reduces pumping costs and energy use as well. And of course, PVC pipes are usually 100% recyclable, making them the most sustainable pipe out there.

Low cost PVC Drainage System

PVC pipes have clear environmental advantages over traditional materials. As PVC is a low carbon plastic, PVC pipes require less energy and fewer resources to manufacture. Due to their low weight, less energy is used when transported. PVC pipes last long with a minimum of maintenance and they are easily recyclable 8 to 10 times. PVC pipes are one of the largest uptakes for recycled PVC in Europe. Each year, 75,000 tonnes of rigid PVC is safely used in new pipes.
Moreover, the ultra-smooth surface of PVC pipes reduces pumping costs and energy use, and their leak-free fittings eliminate water loss. This is good for both the environment and the utility bill.

The expected lifespan of a PVC pipe is 100 years or more for underground pipes. Moreover, PVC piping systems show a much lower failure rate than other materials. In comparison with other piping materials, PVC pipes are also the most cost-efficient choice when viewed over their entire lifetime. This includes the costs to purchase pipes, install, operate and maintain and dismantle the pipeline. +100-year durability and low total cost of ownership means utilities can safely choose PVC for their piping infrastructure.



In this article, we are talking about what is PVC Drainage Pipe, with the development of people needs, there are two types of PVC Drainage Pipe: PVC Solid Pipes and PVC Helix Pipes, which better satisfy the demands of various applications. What’s more, the news series can also silence the discharging noise by 10-15 dB, which is an incomparable performance. With an introduce about the benefit of using PVC Drainage Pipe, we believe you must have more interested to know how PVC pipe can be widely used in more pipeline solutions.

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