Big announcement: the new PP-R pipes are here!

Nov. 25, 2021

Four types of new PP-R pipes are available now! That's not merely a technological upgrade, but a revolutionary leap for PP-R plumbing--ready to bring you a safer and more reliable plumbing experience! 

RIFENG PP-R / Glass-Fiber Composite Pipe: withstand pressure, outshine others.


As linear expansion coefficient is as low as 0.05mm / (mK), RIFENG PP-R / Glass-Fiber Composite pipe is 3 times tougher than ordinary PP-R pipes. Even if it is tested by high temperature for a long time, it is still so “hard” to be bent and deformed. Besides, a series of tests prove that its instantaneous working temperature can be up to 95 ℃ and the pipe can withstand pressure exceeding the stand value by 80%!

RIFENG PP-R / Basalt-Fiber Composite Pipe: aerospace-grade, eco-friendly cutting edge.


In recent years, the awareness of environmental protection has deeply rooted in people’s mind. With the value of green development, RIFENG has taken many measures to reduce its environmental impact. RIFENG PP-R / Basalt-Fiber Composite Pipe is one of cases showing RIFENG’s commitment on green production. Basalt-Fiber is a new type of inorganic, environmentally friendly and high-performance fiber material. It is one of the most representative materials in the field of aerospace science and technology. With aerospace-grade basalt as its sandwich layer, RIFENG PP-R / Basalt-Fiber Composite Pipe is also strongly resistant to pressure. More importantly, it is eco-friendly, low-energy, and 100% recyclable !

RIFENG PP-R / PE-RT Composite Pipe: never brittle in bitter cold.


Always battle the cold. Never fear the freeze. RIFENG PP-R / PE-RT Composite Pipe adopts the integrated molding technology of inner PERT and outer PPR. It features strong resistance not only to high temperature or pressure, but also to extreme coldness—it is never brittle even under 15℃ for long time.

RIFENG PP-RCT Pipe: a revolutionary new pipe


Compared with ordinary PP-R pipes, RIFENG PP-RCT Pipe shows its more excellent performance on withstanding high pressure even if it is under high temperature. What’s more, with higher mechanical strength and stronger pressure resistance, the wall thickness of PP-RCT pipes can be reduced by 15-28% than other PP-R pipes, thereby increasing the overall flow rate. Last but not least, as PP-RCT improves the long-term strength of pipes by 50%, the pipes can be made with smaller diameter and thinner wall, thereby reducing the costs directly.

RIFENG is always on the way of innovation. We will keep updating our products, because we not only focus on what our customers need today, but also anticipate what they need tomorrow.
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