PEX Plumbing Tube Advantages

Jan. 13, 2021
PEX plumbing tube offers several advantages over traditional plumbing pipe materials. Because it is made with a flexible and resilient material, PEX is more resistant to breakage caused by freezing than both copper or PVC pipe. Flexibility also makes PEX easier to install. PEX tubing can be bent and can curve around structural framing and other obstacles, reducing the need for holes and notches to accommodate the tubing. Bends in the tubing also eliminate the need for many elbows and other transition fittings, saving both cost and installation time. 

In other words, you can wind PEX throughout the walls and floors with a continuous, uninterrupted pipe to its final connection.

PEX conserves energy by reducing heat transfer, or loss of heat through the pipe wall. By contrast, metal pipes are particularly prone to heat loss. PEX also doesn't corrode—another advantage over metal pipe especially galvanized steel pipe, which consistently corrodes over time. Compared to copper, PEX is more resistant to scale buildup and the resulting loss of flow through the pipe. Also, PEX is much less expensive than copper pipe.

For amateur installers, perhaps the best advantage of PEX is that it does not require soldered connections (like a copper pipe) or tricky threaded connections (like galvanized steel). PEX also requires fewer connections and fittings overall, which helps to lower costs and decreases the chances of leaks. Typically, PEX can be installed more quickly than any other plumbing pipe used for water supply.

pex plumbing tube