Rifeng PPR pipe system obtained certificates

Dec. 15, 2018
Rifeng had successfully obtained qualified certification like AENOR and CE approval for PPR Plumbing System since last year.

“It is a practical verification for Rifeng PPR pipe products. Also, we are now working for more approvals” said Lily, Rifeng Certification Director, “you know, AENOR is the top and famous certification body in Spain and expert in piping standardization. And CE, as a safety certification mark, is something like a passport to enter European market. They are really helpful for expanding the market for our PPR products.”

It is worthy to choose Rifeng PPR piping system in regard of its outstanding mechanical performance and Physicochemical characteristics.

With dimension ranging from DN20 to DN110 it passes the test against standard ISO 15874 version 2013, applying for hot and cold water installation. Furthermore, under normal working pressure and condition, its lifespan could reach up to 50 years. Due to quality is the essential factor, the team of quality control is continually working on improving products, processes and procedures to meet customer requirements better. In order to ensure the PPR piping installation performance, Rifeng would conduct the most strict internal control before shipment. We are looking forward to more miracles for Rifeng in 2018.
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