What are the main uses of PPR pipes?

Nov. 07, 2020
PPR pipe is the most commonly used in home decoration, but its application range is not small, such as water supply, hot water pipe system, heating pipe system and air conditioning pipe. Engineering hot water also involves the use of PPR pipes, which are more stable, safer, easy to install, and cost-effective. The engineering hot water ppr pipe can also be hidden. When the concealed pipe penetrates the wall, in order to ensure the safety, service life and maintenance of the pipeline, a metal sleeve can be set to ensure the installation of the PPR pipe.
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In the installation project, PPR pipe has the advantage of hot-melt connection. The pipes and fittings are welded by temperature heating, so that water is not easy to leak, but the heating temperature and time need to be accurate and not too long. If the temperature is too high for too long, the pipes and fittings will be damaged by hot melt. If the time is too short and the temperature is too low, the pipes and fittings will be unstable and easy to burst.
Nowadays, PPR pipelines are becoming more and more popular, which is involving water supply, sewage, irrigation, gas transmission and other uses. Due to its own advantages and characteristics, it can stand out in the pipeline market and occupy a very important position.

PPR is a random co-polymer polypropylene, which is formed by random co-polymerization of propensity monomer and a small amount of ethylene monomer under the action of heat, pressure and catalyst. The ethylene monomer is randomly distributed in the long chain of propensity, and the ethylene monomer is generally controlled between 3-5%. The ethylene content and the polymerization method of ethylene and propensity determine its cold brittleness. Therefore, in winter, the flexibility of PPR water pipes will decrease, while rigidity will increase and flatten. If the pipe is impacted by an external force, the surface of the pipe will crack more seriously.
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So PPR pipe manufacturers suggest that when we use or install PPR pipes in winter, we need to be more careful to prevent pipe collisions and littering.

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