Simple tips about PP-R Pipe and Fittings

Jan. 03, 2023


PP-R pipe has been widely used since its creation in the early 1990s because of its dependability, affordability, and extended service life. The use of PP-R Pipe has increased over the past few years. PP-R Pipes are among the most popular on the market thanks to its ecological and financial advantages.

PP-R pipes are frequently utilized in residential construction. Additionally, it is utilized in water transfer, alkaline and acidic solutions, sanitary fluids, and compressed air.

We'll go through the fundamentals of PP-R pipe and fittings in this article, and you're welcome to share and forward it if you find it could be of help.


What is PP-R pipe

PP-R pipe is a straight and rigid cylindrical pipe, made from Polypropylene Random Copolymer plastic, produced through a continuous extrusion process. Most PP-R pipes have a diameter of 20mm to 110mm. This means that the PP-R pipe is thicker than its PVC companions. In addition to that, PP-R pipes feature a network of fittings, accessories, and parts. These accessories are available for each PP-R pipe diameter.

- PP-R Pipe Advantages

# High Pressure & Temperature Resistance
  • Low linear expansion coefficient, as low as 0.05mm/( m·℃)
  • Three times more durable than regular PP-R pipes
  • High temperature resistance
  • Deformity resistance

# Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly
  • High pressure resistance rating
  • Low-energy manufacturing requirement
  • 100% recyclable

# Durable and Smooth
  • Smoother surface with at least 50% less resistance versus ordinary PP-R pipes
  • Non-scaling for clean and healthy water supply
  • Low water flow resistance for higher flow capacity

# Unique Leak-Proof System

  • Unique Swallow-Tailed Structure for leak-proof systems
  • Thirty-six contact points with anti-sliding gears for better sealing performance
  - PP-R Pipe Applications
  • Distribution for cool and hot water
  • Pipes to connect kinds of low temperature 
  • Pipes for heating and cooling settings in solar energy system
  • Chilled water piping for air conditioners 
   - Application Areas
  • Residential apartments, condominiums, public housing
  • Commercial shopping centers, office buildings
  • Industrial plants dealing with chemicals, food processing
  • Hospitals Schools, laboratories and chemical sewerage
  • Hotels and resorts

What is PP-R Fittings

Typically, PP-R pipe and fittings are used in the creation of cold and hot water systems. The ideal alternative for cold and hot water systems is PP-R pipe because it can resist both hot and cold temperatures without breaking or cracking. Additionally, due to their low thermal conductivity, the fluids will maintain the necessary temperature.

The preferred choice for releasing chemical fluids, including industrial waste, is PP-R fittings. Due to its resistance to powerful chemicals and alkaline solutions, PP-R piping is the best pipe fitting for industries.


 - Type of PP-R fitting

RIFENG mass flow PP-R series,made out of superior polypropylene random, is the common fittings at present market in weight and size. Due to their various functions, those series PP-R fittings can be utilized in a variety of water solutions projects.

  • Reducing 50% of the water resistance.
  • Reliable structure with a strengthening rib.
  • Easier assembly with the directional mark.


  • Reducing 50% of the water resistance,with twice the arc,the water flow impact pressure wave is scattered and disappeared by the curved surface.Meanwhile it avoids striking the fitting directly and causing damages.

  • New U-profile tap elbow perfectly fits into hygience oriented and water flow rate optimized installations using different loop installation methods.
  • Improved profile design allowing better flow rate.
  • Simpler and more flexible installation.

  • Full diameter,water flow increases by 200%.
  • Three NBR seal rings to prevent leakage.
  • High-quality brass of the valve spool,which makes it more durable.


 - How PP-R pipes are connected with fittings

Here are the various installation stages. Connecting PP-R pipe to fittings with the aid of tools is quite simple; we usually used socket weld.

PP-R Pipe and fittings manufacturers

The RIFENG PP-R piping system is manufactured from the highest-quality polypropylene random copolymer and the most recent scientific formula, ensuring that all user enjoy safe water to drink. It may be used in both residential and commercial structures. sa
For more than 20 years, RIFENG has made a commitment to providing a range of PP-R pipes and fittings that meet ISO15874 and are certified by DVGW and NSF.

Additionally, RIFENG has introduced its mass flow PP-R series, giving clients all over the world a more hygienic and secure plumbing experience.

Believing that innovation is the key to go beyond the ordinary, RIFENG has founded one world-class lab recognized and certified by CNAS. Over 600 innovation talents have spared no effort to challenge industrial boundaries, achieving 923 patents and 20 technology awards.
And this innovative passion has perfectly presented on high quality products and outstanding services,we strive to offer ideal piping solutions to everyone.



We make a simply introduce about PP-R pipe and fittings. As the most widely used piping in our life, PP-R pipe plays an important role in many building projects.
This essay share us about the fundamental characteristics and uses of PP-R pipes. Different fittings can more efficiently meet the needs for water supply in the face of various circumstances and engineering requirements. To address the various market needs, RIFENG will shortly bring newly developed PP-R pipes. We invite you to focus more on RIFENG! 

pp-r pipe and fittings